Act-On Product Demo for Account Based Marketing

Act-On understands that B2B Marketers face unique challenges. Marketing to businesses is a discipline with its own language, goals and tactics - and that’s why we’ve developed our Account-Based Marketing module to solve some of these challenges.

Act-On ABM surfaces all relevant account information so you can create account groupings that have similar attributes.

And then send targeted messages using personalization fields for that particular account - such as an industry focused newsletter or even specific offers for different business types.

Monitor all engagement in the Account Report to analyze the high level summary of this account’s interaction and score.

Drill down into the contacts tab to view all roles involved in this Account.

And then view the complete activity timeline for all those contacts in this Account.

At the end of the day, Act-On’s Account-Based MArketing module gives B2B Marketers a new way to look at their data to better enable Targeted Account Selling strategies.

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