Act-On Product Demo - SugarCRM Integration

Learn the in's and out's of Act-On's integration with SugarCRM.

Act-On’s point and click configuration for Sugar CRM makes it easy to ensure your data is in sync.

You can start capturing new leads with Act-On web forms and push to Sugar in real time.

Automate the handoff from marketing to sales - right within your lead nurturing workflow.

You can choose to create records as new leads, contacts, or targets - depending on your business needs.

Update fields, such as lead source, to ensure accurate tracking and reporting.

Even add entities automatically such as tasks or notes, to keep an accurate history in Sugar.

And sales never has to leave the CRM. Hot Prospects prioritizes leads assigned to the sales rep, right on their homepage.

Viewing a lead record, the sales rep has access to their Act-On Activity History and Marketing Timeline right within the Sugar Dashlets

When they want to reach out, they can send an email using Act-On’s email template to that specific lead, or to a list of leads

Finally, see the revenue impact with Act-On’s reporting tools.

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