Act-On Product Demo for Advanced Social Module

Act-On’s Advanced Social Media module is for the B2B marketer that wants to track and quantify how social is impacting the overall marketing strategy and empower social advocacy beyond the marketing team.

Advanced Social gives you easy to use tools for scheduling posts for your different campaigns, as well as a complete campaign calendar so you can keep track of what’s going out and when.

Listening capabilities make sure you don’t miss a beat.
And content curation makes it easy to view and share industry-relevant articles.

With every click, like, share, retweet being tracked to show you in depth engagement analytics.

And content analytics to help you optimize your social messaging.

Now, extend your reach by turning your colleagues and customers into social advocates, with the advocacy board - making it simple for them to share your posts to their own social networks.

And even make things fun by encouraging some healthy competition with the advocacy leader board.

And finally make sure your social strategy gets the credit it deserves with lead attribution right back to the Act-On behavior profile - all available for scoring, nurturing and reporting.

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