What is Marketing Automation?


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketers and business executives often ask this question when their fast-growing company needs to scale its marketing practices up, and they begin to research their options.

Marketing automation is software that lets marketers automate manual tasks and multi-step processes in order to:

*Save time
*Make processes more efficient and consistent
*Measure the results
*And make the results, such as leads generated or leads converted, more predictable

Marketing Automation allows you to:

- Track lead activity on your website, whether that’s visits, content downloads, video views, form completions and more
- Build and Segment Prospect Lists
- Quickly design and build email templates and landing pages
- Automate email lead nurturing

Marketing automation typically integrates with other business tools, such as your CRM, business intelligence, webinar and event management, social media, content management, email and landing page testing, and sales enablement.

And the results speak for themselves:
Did you know that 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors are using marketing automation?

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