Building an Adaptive Nurturing Program

Today’s customer journey has been disrupted by the vast number of content channels available. Modern Marketers must adapt their strategies in order to engage buyers with a message that is relevant and personalized.

Act-On’s adaptive segmentation makes it easy for any marketer to leverage big data to identify triggers for their customer journey.

And it doesn’t stop there - Act-On is always working in the background to look for new actions from the customer that could take them down a different path
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Nurturing programs make it possible to turn your data into actionable pathways to engage your customers with the right content with timing that’s right for them.

With an easy drag and drop interface, it doesn’t take an engineer to design an engagement pathway that adapts to your customer’s individual journey along the way

But Engagement must go beyond just email, so Act-On enables your nurture programs to adapt to additional channels such as ad-retargeting, and direct mail.

And whatever CRM you have - all data easily syncs to update all relevant information, or even create new records such as Contacts, Accounts, Tasks, and more.

All of this being tracked in your nurture program dashboard so you always know exactly how people are progressing.
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